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Renderman Assignment - Paul Yates

Changes for Original:

I moved around the separate textures. I made it so the floor was the plastic and turned it green. I moved the wood shader to the ball and then the brick to the far wall. Then I made some changes to switch up the scene a little bit as far as the shaders go.

Wood - I modified this shader to produce more of a marble shader. I did this by changing the lightwood and darkwood colors that are mixed and also made slight changes to the different scalings and also the graininess with somewhat limite results but it now looks like a nice red black marble.

Brick - I made the bricks more orangeish and also made it so there was a larger variance to get a wider array of brick colors. I also made them more square and also changed the mortar color a little bit. I also made them a little more irregular by modifiying the jagged parameter.

Plastic - I didn't really change much in the plastic shader because it is kind of boring. I tried to up the roughness and also change the specular as well as the color and got a green floor. I considered adding some kind of linear color change or something but I think that the second part is where some interesting stuff can happen.

Changes with Shaders

For this part I obtained 3 additional shaders. These shaders are:

RudyCplasmaball - This shader by itself produces a swirling "plasma ball". The changes I made kept the essential features of the glowing rays but I made it so the shader was applied more over the object and also made the rays sharper but glow less. This made the shader less "poppy" but still provides a cool effect that is now more transparent than the original.

RudyCstones - This shader produces a nubby stone shader. This shader has the most obvious visual changes. I made it look more like a milky green covered planet. I changed a lot of the frequencies so the texture for the shader was repeated a lot less which showed more of the 'groundcolor'. I also messed with the 'grunginess' which gave it a more spaced out 'dirty' look.

JBUMcraters - This shader produces a shader that makes a surface look similar to the moon (or I guess as intended a crater). The changes I made consisted of inverting the craters so they were instead jutting out and so that they were larger. I also increased the probability of craters ocurring but decreased their relative size in comparison to the size of the object. The shader now gives more of a bubbly nubbed effect.

I then made use of the plasma balls transparency to make a semi interesting arrangement of various spheres.