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Ray Tracer (lame)

We had to make a ray tracer for CG2. It was extremely basic as far as rendering techniques go.

One of the last submissions for the ray tracer

Realtime trees (neat)

We had to do a separate project for CG2. We picked a real-time, realistic tree rendering system. The final report has more information.

Screenshot of the running trees program

Musicapp (i wish)

I have never used a music playing application that was to my liking. The closest was Winamp2. I want to just drag files onto it and have it play them. I do not want a management system, or a big UI. Just Play Music. I spent some time making a Python based music player, who hasn't? I later converted to java, using java-gstreamer and batik as a way to try and make fancy skinning. Mild success, basically gave up on project -- someday...

Music App UI prototype

Music App with cover-art retrevial sort of working

Ancient screenshot of pygtk + pygst musicapp

Testogre (almost neat)

At some point I tried to make a thing in ogre. I gave up.

Testrio/GlFoo (dead)

I tried to make the same thing in java/opengl. I also gave up.

Banshee (dead)

A friend and I briefly started working on a MUD. We gave up.

Java md5 (useless, done)

I wrote a java MD5 viewer. It supported textures and animation, sort of.

Pomodoro application

Made a real goofy pomodoro app.


Made an animation and small dedication page to my wife